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Design & Develop a Custom Piezo Solution

We at Piezo.com are experts in all things Piezo!  We have collectively over 100 years of experience designing and manufacturing piezoelectric systems.  As part of the Mide family, we have a firm understanding of many engineering applications and access to a diverse engineering team.  We love working with our customers to find new and exciting ways to apply piezoelectric technology to solve engineering problems!

More information on our custom development capabilities and the structure of a mutual development are available in our Development Help Article.

Design & Analysis

Our projects will start with a design and analysis phase, although the extent of this design and analysis ranges greatly from simple production drawings to more complex FEA to optimize performance.

But our design is not limited to just the piezo package.  We can extend the design to cover mechanical fixtures and enclosures, and also help design custom electronics, even firmware, and software.

Prototype Production

Following the design and analysis phase, we will move into prototype production.  We have many OEM customers, a small sampling is available here, and can support the production of simple to complex piezoelectric based system designs.  Furthermore, our production capacity can quickly ramp up to tens of thousands of units annually; but we also can support custom designs that require less than one hundred units annually as well.

Project Structure

We will quote a fixed price development with milestones and gates where payment is required before continuing.  We find this helps our clients not get surprised by unexpected bills and ensures that we only move forward in the project if we continue to meet your expectations.