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Dual Valve Actuator with Two Piezo Benders

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The Challenge

Solenoid technology did not meet the customers requirements for performance or form factor. Piezoelectrics met the requirements, however raw piezoelectric actuators were unreliable and labor intensive.

    The Solution

    PIEZO.com’s final design delivered a proprietary packaged piezo pneumatic valve that was able to provide a solution that the solenoids and raw piezos were unable to. This was achieved by encapsulating the raw piezoelectric ceramic wafers between layers of flexible circuits, enabling:

    • An hermetical seal around the wafers - eliminating the moisture issue
    • An electrical connection to the wafers - eliminating the need for solder
    • The design to include features to ease mechanical integration
    • Flat & flexible circuits - making sealing easy and repeatable

    The Result

    The result was a design that has stood the test of time, and has not required a change for over 20 years. What’s more, the manufacturing and quality assurances processes developed in that initial development have ensured reliability and very low failure rates. PIEZO.com routinely is ranked among the best suppliers due to the consistently high quality of these actuators.