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High Precision Strain Sensor


A large healthcare company was in need of a highly precise, repeatable, and robust strain sensor for a large medical machine it was designing.  Piezoelectric sensors offered superior sensitivity to a strain-gauge based system and simplified the control electronics for the machine.

The Solution

The company began exploring Piezo.com's standard products for testing feasibility in its design and found immediate success with our double quick mount sensors such as the D220-A4BR-2513XE due to their rugged construction and integrated wires and mounting.

But the company required tighter tolerances on the performance variation and wanted a custom wiring plug for cleaner integration in their machine. They worked with the engineers at Piezo.com to ensure we could support a custom wiring configuration and increased control in manufacturing.

The Results

We made the necessary design changes and manufacturing changes to support their needs and have been manufacturing thousands of these sensors for them for over 10 years.