Piezoelectric OEM Manufacturing

Piezo.com offers engineering services for custom piezoelectric OEM component development. Our experience allows the elimination of potential design flaws which plague those unfamiliar with piezoceramic technology, especially in the areas of lamination bonding, flexure design, ceramic stress and fatigue criteria, thermal stability, mounting, power take-off attachments, electronic drive, testing, and evaluation. This service reduces the customer’s need to dedicate highly qualified personnel during the development period, and development time is typically reduced from years to months.

Typically, a custom OEM development will be a minimum of $20,000. To learn more, see our development process.

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Selection of Current OEM Products

The following is a sampling of some of our current OEM products. This helps illustrate the range of designs we support in addition to our production capacity - we can produce tens of thousands of your custom parts annually, or as little as ten depending on your application's needs.