Piezoelectric Bending Transducer

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2.09 x 0.82 x 0.028 in. PZT 5H, 1-Layer Bender with Sealed Mounting
ROHS:Piezo exempt.Product compliant.
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The S128-H5FR-1107YB is a single layer product recommended for energy harvesting and sensing applications. It also exhibits good performance as a resonant actuator. It is not recommended for applications requiring high force output. This product has a relatively high natural frequency compared to the other products which is beneficial for some applications. Due to its smaller size and good performance this is a popular product for many applications.

Performance data for the S128-H5FR-1107YB is summarized in the following tables and plots. Refer to Section 6 for information on how this data was gathered. Please note that this data is to be used only as reference and that there is some variability from unit to unit. Temperature, clamp conditions, drive quality, all can contribute to additional variability. All test data was gathered at room temperature and with the Kit - 009 clamp kit hardware

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Layer Specifications
Layer Material Thickness mils / mm
FR4 3.0 / 0.08
Copper 1.4 / 0.03
PZT 5H 7.5 / 0.19
Copper 1.4 / 0.03
FR4 14.0 / 0.36
General Specifications
Parameters Specifications
Length (mm.) 55.4
Width (mm.) 23.4
Thickness (mm.) 0.71
Temperature Range -60° C to 120° C
Mass (grams) 2.0
Capacitance (nF) 40
Rated Drive Voltage (+/-V) 150
Free Deflect (+/-mm) 0.19
Blocked Force (N) 0.09
Spring const (N/mm) 0.474
Resonant Freq (Hz) 384
Harvester / Generator Specifications
Parameter No tip mass (unloaded) W/ tip mass (loaded)
EH Resonant Freq (Hz) 384 85
Open Circuit Output (+/- Volts/G) 5 35
Resistor Load (Ohm) 18000 300
Power @ Rated G (mW) 19.6
G rating (+/- G's) 8 1.6