Piezoelectric Disc

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0,5 DIA, 0,0075in. PZT 5A Piezoelectric Disc
ROHS:Piezo exempt.Product compliant.
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When an electric field having the same polarity and orientation as the original polarization field is placed across the thickness of a single layer disk, the piece expands along the axis of polarization (thickness direction) and contracts perpendicular to the axis of polarization (radial direction). The motion in the thickness direction is on the order of tens of nanometers. Motion in the radial direction is typically on the order of microns or tens of microns.
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General Specifications
Parameters Specifications
Length (mm.) 12.7
Thickness (mm.) 0.19
Temperature Range -100° C to 140° C
Mass (grams) 0.2
Capacitance (nF) 11