Piezoelectric Bending Transducer

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2.80 x 1.00 x 0.028 in. PZT 5J, 1-Layer Bender with Sealed Mounting
ROHS:Piezo exempt.Product compliant.
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A 1-layer piezoelectric actuator produces curvature when one piezo layer expands while the other layer contracts. These transducers are often referred to as benders, bimorphs, or flexural elements. Bender motion on the order of hundreds to thousands of microns, and bender force from tens to hundreds of grams, is typical.

The brass shim reinforcement laminated between the two piezoelectric layers is an economical approach to producing a rugged actuator.

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Layer Specifications
Layer Material Thickness mils / mm
FR4 3.0 / 0.08
Copper 1.4 / 0.03
PZT 5J 6.0 / 0.15
Copper 1.4 / 0.03
FR4 14.0 / 0.36
General Specifications
Parameters Specifications
Length (mm.) 71.1
Width (mm.) 25.4
Thickness (mm.) 0.71
Temperature Range -60° C to 120° C
Mass (grams) 3.0
Capacitance (nF) 100
Rated Drive Voltage (+/-V) off of Resonance 120
Free Deflect (+/-mm) 0.36
Blocked Force (N) 0.11
Spring const (N/mm) 0.306
Resonant Freq (Hz) 134
Max Drive Volts @ Resonance (V) 10.0
Harvester / Generator Specifications
Parameter No tip mass (unloaded)
EH Resonant Freq (Hz) 134
Open Circuit Output (+/- Volts/G) 4
Resistor Load (Ohm) 10200
Power @ Rated G (mW) 0.7
G rating (+/- G's) 8