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CUSTOMER SPECIFICATIONS Piezoceramic actuator and sensor design is based on customer specifications which generally include:
  • Motion requirement (for actuators) or voltage requirement (for sensors)
  • Force requirement (for actuators) or current requirement ( for sensors)
  • Response time
  • Operating frequency range
  • Space available for actuator
  • Voltage available
  • Stability
  • Operating temperature range
Piezo Systems offers engineering services for custom piezoelectric OEM component development. Our experience allows the elimination of potential design flaws which plague those unfamiliar with piezoceramic technology, especially in the areas of lamination bonding, flexure design, ceramic stress and fatigue criteria, thermal stability, mounting, power take-off attachments, electronic drive, testing, and evaluation. This service reduces the customer's need to dedicate highly qualified personnel during the development period, and development time is typically reduced from years to months. Financial and technical risks are minimized.

Typically, development is broken down into the following phases:
  • Analysis & Design Phase: Communication of specifications, analysis, & optimized design of actuator.
  • Prototype Phase: Samples built to specification.
  • Pre-Production Phase: Pre-production samples for exhaustive testing.
  • Production Phase: Production pieces at desired volume.
ACTUATOR & SYSTEM DESIGN Using extensive computer software and experience, Piezo Systems can move quickly from your specifications to a complete optimized design and evaluation prototypes. Geometry, electroactive material, internal lamination, polarization, electrode configuration, mount, power take-off, and production process is designed to ensure repeatable and reliable performance.

ELECTRONIC DRIVER & SYSTEM DESIGN Piezo Systems can also design and build the entire electronic system to drive or monitor the transducer, and fabricate or mold the structure to which the piezo is mounted.

Combined with proprietary processing techniques, Piezo Systems works closely with a network of highly specialized vendors. As a result, Piezo Systems is capable of supplying highly sophisticated single parts or hundreds of thousands of parts per year.