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Piezo.com are experts in Piezo Fan Technology! We have collectively over 100 years of experience designing and manufacturing piezoelectric systems. We have a firm understanding of many engineering applications and access to a diverse engineering team. We love working with our customers to find new and exciting ways to apply piezoelectric technology to solve engineering problems!

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Piezo Fan Applications

Most modern electronic systems require thermal management to operate successfully. Forced convection using air is one of the more common thermal management solutions due to its simplicity and low cost. Commercially available traditional fans and blowers, which often use some kind of rotating component and bearing, are adequate for many applications. However, these traditional systems do not perform well or can’t perform at all in extreme and unique environments. That is where piezoelectric fan technology can provide value.

Why Piezo Technology is Good for Fan Applications

Piezoelectrics are a unique class of materials which when deformed by applied stress produce usable electric charge and when subjected to an applied electric field can deform themselves.

In a fan application, using piezoelectric material to provide the deformation needed to “push” air allows for an air moving device with no rotating parts. This key feature allows for a piezoelectric fan to have superior mechanical reliability compared to tradition fan systems. Other key features of piezoelectric fans include:

  • Operation at much higher and lower temperatures than traditional fans
  • Ability to operate in dusty, dirty and corrosive environments
  • Non-magnetic allowing for use in magnetically sensitive applications
  • Quiet operation over many years
  • Can be made low profile and designed into your system
  • Lightweight
Piezoelectric Advantages
Why is our Robust & Reliable technology Enabling for this application

The most common piezoelectric materials are lead zirconate titanate (PZT). PZT’s are ceramics and have very good piezoelectric properties. However, if not designed or protected well PZT’s, due to their being ceramics, can be brittle and have failure issues, specifically when loaded in tension.

At piezo.com we have two different technologies to drastically improve the robustness of bare PZT materials. One technology involves bonding the PZT material to a metal shim with a very durable and high strength bond. This technology provides a good amount of mechanical protection for the PZT.

The second technology involves a full encapsulation of the PZT material using copper clad and etched materials. This encapsulation, or as we call it “packaging”, protects the PZT both mechanically as well as from the environment. Etching of the copper clad materials also allow for full customization of the electronic circuit needed to robustly connect the PZT to its drive, sensing or harvesting electronics.

Our packaging technology is a critical to enabling a robust, long life and reliable piezoelectric fan. The PZT material in the fan is completely sealed from the environment making the fan extremely robust against, humid, corrosive and dusty environments. These are all environments that traditional fans typically perform poorly in.

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Our Piezo Fan Expertise

Designing a piezoelectric fan requires multi-disciplined expertise. Designed properly using piezo.com’s packaging technology, the piezoelectric fan can provide great value in harsh environment applications that need forced convection. With piezo.com’s over 40 years of experience designing complex piezo systems and subsystems we know we can partner with you to help your application be successful.

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