Patent Strategizing: The First Steps

Patent Strategizing: The First Steps


Mide works a lot with our patent lawyer Kirk Teska as we look to protect our intellectual property that emerges from one of our many research, development, and engineering programs. I've personally worked with him on a few patent applications and can attest that he knows his stuff!  

Kirk has kindly agreed to share this article he recently wrote where he discusses how one should go about patent strategizing to save time and potentially money. Hopefully, his insight can be of some help as you look to protect the exciting intellectual property you've developed!

Patents are important but expensive – one survey reveals a single patent application can cost around $10,000. Getting the patent to issue can cost twice that.  And so, clients regularly seek new strategies to lower patent legal costs. Here is one we at ITC call Claim Focused Strategizing.

  • Oct 28, 2019
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