Solder Flux Kit

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Solder & flux kit for silver electrodes
ROHS:Piezo exempt.Product compliant.
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Solder & Flux Kit for Silver Electrode

Soldering wires to the silver electrodes of some piezoceramic sheets can be difficult if the proper materials are not used. There is a vast array of materials to choose from. The Solder / Flux Kit (Kit-005) offers the right materials to get started at once and provides information to procure materials directly from the manufacturer later. The recommended procedure is included in the kit.

Part Type Description Quantity
Solder Lead-Free Silver Solder 24 Inches
Flux #67 Liquid Flux 7 ml
Red Wire #32 AWG, 5" long 5 pieces
Black Wire #32 AWG, 5" long 5 pieces
Piezoceramic Practice sheet of piezo with silver electrode 1 in2