Small Piezo Amplifier

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Piezo high voltage amplifier ±180 Vp / ±30 mA
ROHS:Piezo exempt.Product compliant.
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Low Cost Small Piezo Amplifier

The EPA-008 is a high voltage linear amplifier with an integral high voltage power supply. It is designed to be small in size and convenient for both bench top experimentation and OEM installation. It utilizes a single 15 VDC power input which can be provided directly, or by using either the 115VAC/60Hz or 100-240VAC/50-60Hz Universal power adapter (provided). It accepts a +/- 10 Vpeak ground referenced input signal and produces a +/- 180 Vpeak ground referenced output drive signal.

It is designed to be used as a high voltage drive source for various piezoelectric actuating devices operated from DC to the low audio frequency range.

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Input Power: For bench top experimentation, where minimum setup time and flexibility of amplifier location are advantageous, an AC adapter is provided for DC input power. Two types are offered:

115VAC Plug A 115VAC/60Hz to 15VDC is included with the EPA-008-1

230VAC Plug A 100-240VAC/50-60Hz to 15VDC (Universal Adapter) is included with the EPA-008-2. One end of the power cord plugs into the adapter and the customer supplies the plug for the other end

For OEM or permanent installation, a set of screw terminals is provided for DC input (13 to 18VDC) power.

Signal Input: Input to the amplifier is made by connecting wires to the screw terminal connector on the I/O panel at one end of the unit. This is a ground referenced ± 10 Vpeak low voltage input.

High Voltage Output: A ground referenced output from the amplifier appears at the two screw terminals on the I/O panel.

Loads: The EPA-008 is designed for driving piezoelectric actuator loads.

Input and Output Protection: Piezo loads present special problems to electronic drivers. The EPA-008 provides input and output protection to take care of all shorting, turn-on, turn-off, and load generated voltage occurrences which can damage either the amp or your actuator.

Estimating the Current Requirement of a Piezoelectric Actuator

To estimate the peak current requirement of a piezoelectric actuator, solve the appropriate equation:

Ipeak(in Amperes)  = 2 π f C Vpeak - (driven with a sine wave)

Ipeak(in Amperes)  = 4 f C Vpeak - (driven with a triangle wave)

Ipeak(in Amperes)  = C dV / dt - (driven with a square wave)

Where f is the maximum operating frequency in Hertz, C is the capacitance of the piezo device in Farads, dt is the square wave rise time, and Vp is maximum peak drive voltage. The amplifier must be able to supply Vp, lp and f simultaneously.



Specifications Value
Maximum Voltage   ± 180 volts peak
Maximum Current   ± 30 mA peak continuous
Output Power   5.4 watts peak
Frequency Range   DC to 1.5 KHz
Voltage Gain   Fixed: 20X ± 5%
Maximum Input Voltage   (AC plus DC)   ± 10 volts peak
Maximum DC Component   ± 10 volts DC
Input Coupling   DC coupled
Input Impedance   10K ohm
Output Coupling   DC coupled
Output Ripple   typically < 35 mVrms, with input shorted
Power Source   + 13 VDC to +18 VDC, 750 mA
Current Draw   400 mA no load; 700 mA full load
Circuit Protection   Overload, short circuit and thermal protection


Specifications Value
Indicators   Green LED "on" indicator
Cooling   Internal brushless DC fan
Weight   256 g (.56 lb)
Dimensions   6.2" (157mm) long x 3.3" (84mm) wide x 1.8" (46mm) high

Peak Output Voltage vs. Frequency For Various Capacitive Loads

Specifications Value
Steady state sinusoidal waveforms,
Temperature = 25 ° C
volts vs freq

EPA-008 Application Diagrams