Piezo Linear Amplifier

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Piezo high voltage amplifier ±200Vp/±200mA
ROHS:Piezo exempt.Product compliant.
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Piezo Linear Amplifier

The EPA-104 is a high voltage (±200 Vp), high current (±200 mA), and high frequency (DC to 250 KHz) amplifier designed to drive higher capacitive (low impedance) loads, such as low voltage stacks, at moderate frequencies; or lower capacitive loads, such as ultrasonic devices, at high frequencies.

The ability of an amplifier to drive a piezoelectric device statically is determined by its voltage capability and stability. Its ability to drive a piezo device dynamically is determined by the capacitance of the actuator, the voltage to which it must be driven, and the number of times it must be charged and discharged per second. These establish the current, voltage, and frequency requirements of the amplifier.

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Low electrical noise, low distortion: The EPA-104 is made with a high quality Apex ® High Voltage Hybrid Operational Amplifier, and utilizes high regulation linear power supplies. It is housed in a heavy high conductivity aluminum case which provides an excellent shield from external electromagnetic interference.

Input and Output Protection: Piezo loads present special problems to electronic drivers. Piezo Systems amplifiers provide heavy input and output protection to take care of all shorting, turn-on, turn-off, and load generated voltage occurrences which can damage either the amplifier or your actuator.

Manual Bias Controls (voltage polarity and DC offset): Useful for making manual adjustments of drive voltage to verify piezoelectric actuator static motion, for static settings, or for applying DC bias to dynamically driven piezo actuators such as piezoelectric stacks.

Input Control (via analog signal to the BNC input connector): Accepts up to ± 10 V signal waveforms from external signal generators, computer controllers, or feedback networks from DC to rated frequency. The combined AC plus DC offset voltage is adjustable from zero to the rated voltage.

Estimating the Current Requirement of a Piezoelectric Actuator

To estimate the peak current requirement of a piezoelectric actuator, solve the appropriate equation:

Ipeak (in Amperes) = 2 π f C Vpeak- (driven with a sine wave)
Ipeak (in Amperes) = 4 f C Vpeak - (driven with a triangle wave)
Ipeak (in Amperes) = C dV / dt - (driven with a square wave)

Where f is the maximum operating frequency in Hertz, C is the capacitance of the piezoelectric device in Farads, dt is the square wave rise time, and Vp is maximum peak drive voltage. The amplifier must be able to supply Vp, lp and f.



Specification Value
Maximum Voltage   ± 200 volts peak
Maximum Current   ± 200 mA peak
Output Power   40 watts peak
Frequency Range   DC to 250 KHz

  Into 1 K ohm resistive load: Flat, DC to 300 KHz;   3db roll-off, 400 KHz;
  Into capacative load: see chart below.
Voltage Gain   Variable gain, adjustable from 0 to 20X
Phase Shift   -.083° per KHz,   typical
Slew Rate (no load)   380 volts / µsecond
Maximum Input Voltage   ± 10 volts peak
Maximum DC Component   ± 10 volts DC
Input Coupling   Direct DC coupling only
Input Impedance   10K ohm
Output Coupling   DC coupling
Variable DC Offset   Normally zero volts. Adjustable to ± 200 volts peak
Load Impedance   Capable of driving any load within the voltage and current limitations of the amplifier
Output Noise (300 KHz bandwidth)   2 mvrms with input shorted
AC Power Source   User settable: 100-130 VAC, 50/60 Hz; or 200-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Circuit Protection   Overload, short circuit and thermal protection.


Specification Value
Front Panel Controls   Gain adjust; DC Polarity selector (+, 0, -); DC offset adjust
Rear Panel Controls   On/off switch; Line voltage selector

  BNC for Input (ground referenced); safety shrouded banana jacks for high voltage output
  terminals (ground referenced)
Weight   6.4 kg (14 lbs)

  12" (305mm) long x 12" (305mm) deep x 5" (127mm) high

Peak Voltage Delivered To Capacative Load At Peak Current Rating Versus Operating Frequency

Specification Value
Steady state sinusoidal waveforms,
Temperature = 25 ° C
volts vs freq