Smart Tactor Development Kit

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Two smart tactors, USB interface dongle, bus wires
ROHS:Piezo exempt.Product compliant.
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Smart Tactor Development Kit

The Smart Tactor Development Kit is a high-performance piezoelectric actuator system that provides high-definition haptic feedback.

Key Features

High-performance Piezo Actuator

  • Broad frequency response with discrete control, 1 Hz resolution from 0 to 500 Hz
  • Instantaneous position control

Integrated Electronics Package

  • Integrated driving and communication electronics that make the piezo actuator easy to use
  • Designed for wearables - low power consumption, lightweight, easy mount and connect

Software Control on a Serial Bus

  • Control an expandable array of tactors with a single, simple serial interface

The Smart Tactor (tactile actuation) Kit has been developed to simplify driving piezo actuators. In this patented bussed haptic actuator system and method, each tactor integrates the complex electronics needed to drive the piezo and communicate over a serial bus, allowing the user to control haptic feedback from their host computer. The included USB interface dongle enables control over an expandable array of haptic nodes, providing a platform to develop haptic feedback in garments and wearable devices. Included in the software development kit is a Python API and a GUI configuration tool. This software kit enables programmable control of the tactor array and haptic feedback control which is ideal for applications like virtual reality, enhanced situational awareness, and sensory augmentation.

Unlike traditional ERMs,'s actuators operate by bending a cantilever beam, which can be done almost instantaneously to produce single taps as well as continuous vibrations. This fine-grain control lets piezos create a much richer variety of haptic sensations that are beyond the capabilities of traditional vibromotors and voice-coils actuators. See our blog for a comparison of haptic actuator types, including piezo.

Each tactor contains a specialized, high-efficiency converter to generate the high voltages needed to drive piezos.

Kit Contents

Description Quantity
Smart Tactors
USB Interface Dongle
Bus wires, to connect tactors and dongle
Tactor Software SDK (Software Development Kit)
Digital Download

User Guide: Smart Tactor Development Kit User Guide

Piezo Material Properties: More information on our Piezo Material Properties »

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Physical Specifications
Parameters Specifications
Dimensions (Smart Tactor) 1.03” x 1.55” x 0.25”
Weight (Smart Tactor) 6.2 grams
Piezo Tip Displacement, maximum 0.075” peak, 0.15” peak to peak
Dimensions (USB Interface dongle) 1.03” x 1.55” x 0.25”
Weight (Smart Tactor) 5.5 grams
Electrical Specifications
Parameters Specifications
Input Voltage +5 V, from USB1
Piezo driving voltage (maximum) 190 V, peak to peak
Current draw (maximum2) 120 mA
Current draw (idle) 10 mA
Current draw (sleep) 50 uA
Driving Waveforms Sine, Square3, Triangle, Position Control
Piezo resonance frequency 300 Hz ± 20 Hz
Driving Frequency Range (periodic waveforms) 0 Hz to 500 Hz
Driving Frequency Range (position control) 0 Hz to 1000 Hz
Data rate (default4) 115200 BAUD


1 Up to 4 tactors can be safely driven to their maximum output from a standard PC USB port, which provides up to 500 mA of current. This limit can be increased to 16 tactors by using an externally powered USB Hub capable sourcing 2 A of current.

2 Maximum current draw occurs when driving between 250Hz and 350Hz at full amplitude.

3 Square wave output near maximum parameters may overload the piezo driver. It is recommended to use an amplitude of 0.75 or less when driving square waves between 250Hz and 350Hz.

4 Data rate can be adjusted in software.