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Custom Cutting Piezoelectric Actuators
Custom Sizes and Shapes
Piezoelectric actuators having either a linear geometry or a non-linear geometry can be cut to your desired size requirement. The maximum dimension for parts made from standard plate laminations is 2.65".
Center Accessing Piezoelectric Actuators
Center Shim Accessing
Standard 2-layer piezoelectric transducers are not center accessed. Parallel operation of 2-layer transducers require access to the center shim for wire attachment. We can access the center shim at your request. The center shim access is normally along an edge at a location you specify.

Wiring 2-Layer Piezoelectric Actuators
Standard 2-layer piezoelectric transducer elements do not come with wires. We can attach wires at your request. Wires are normally soldered at a location you specify. Standard wires are 32 AWG, and 5" (127 mm) long. However, any wiring arrangement may be specified.
Center Shim Material
In addition to the center shims which we offer for our standard benders (brass and stainless steel), we can laminate to any material which you request.
Vapor Deposited Conformal Coating
A transparent, pore-free barrier with high dielectric strenth and extremely low permeability to moisture and other corrosive gases. This temperature resistant insulation is typically 25 µm thick.

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