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Custom Piezoelectric Transducers: bender array

Custom Piezoelectric Transducers: ultrasonic resonators

Piezo Systems specializes in manufacturing piezoelectric bending and extending elements. A proprietary bonding process and ceramic qualifying program leads to consistent performance, high-strength, thermally stable, void free, multilayer laminations. Advanced cutting techniques produce actuators with dimensional tolerances within ± .001 inch if necessary; chip-free edges; non-linear shapes; and contamination free surfaces. Piezo Systems ships parts to performance specifications, not merely to dimensional tolerance. Our bending actuators are employed in piezo valves, choppers, modulators, fans, tunneling microscopes, and soil testers. Our bending sensors are used in implantable pacemakers and industrial equipment.

Resonant piezoelectric devices are an effective way of achieving high periodic motion at low voltage and power. Products designed to operate at a single frequency require special attention be paid to dimensional uniformity, material consistency, and process control. A careful balance is sought between minimizing strain on the piezoceramic and maximizing the dynamic amplitude. Energy losses due to internal dissipation, external attachments, and output loading are addressed.

Ultrasonics, a special portion of the resonant spectrum, find extensive use over a wide range of application areas. These devices are designed according to the same principles guiding resonant devices. However, additional consideration is given to amplitude, stability, power consumption, overheating, resonance tracking, and electronic drive.

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